What About The Kidz.

I just spent 3 minutes and 39 seconds of my life watching this video and trying to hold back from busting out laughing. Lil homie's name is Lil King and guess what?! He's the 9 year old son of Silkk the Shocker. As sweet and innocent as this song is, it was so cliche. Hey, if the kid wants to be a rapper he's gotta learn how to deal with bloggers!Shoooo! But I'ma stop getting on these lil kids doing music. I just don't really agree with kids being so young thrown into the monster like music industry. See, this is why it is important that kids have nap time. Just go to sleep and not imagine having this music career. He had a lot questions towards the end of the song, as any child would. I have one. Why does every son of a rapper feel like they need to rap too?

Oh and here's Lil King teaching us how to do the Wiggy Wiggy. I'm sorry, I had to bust out laughing at this one. Shoot me.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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