What are your favorite old school songs?

Feel like you're just living life day by day not fulfilling you life purpose? Ever wanted to be a part of something big? Of something dope? ...Ever wanted to help make a mixtape? I knew you would say yes! Okay, well here's your chance!

I have a new idea for a mixtape and I need you to help me out. With the success of my summer mixtape with Culture Obsessed, No Shade(and yes, it was a success to me.), I feel like this mixtape thing is something I can be doing more often. So, I have a dope idea for another mixtape.  Can't really tell you what it is but I will say that my American History class I took recently inspired this idea. If that tells you anything. Okay, now here's what I need from you.

I need you to tell me your favorite old school songs. Mostly songs from the 80's, 90's and early 00's. It doesn't only have to be Hip Hop songs either. I love when music genres collide. And if you can find the instrumental to your favorite old school songs, link me up to it. If you do that, you're the sh*t. So, tell me your favorite songs from those eras in a comment on this post and become a part of history! Literally! Hit me up ASAP!!! Leave comments!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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