Ain't A Thang Change.

Check out this dope track by a young Chicago emcee, K.Vincent! Here's a lil something something on him:
Hip Hop, Drama and Love. 3 isolated things but yet 3 things one sees daily in the city of Chicago. Welcome to the world of K.Vincent, a young emcee hailing from the forgotten but not  gone area of Uptown Chicago. It's the experience of living in the North side neighborhood of Uptown that molds the music and background of K.Vincent's raps; the topics range from the pressures of grinding to get a bigger slice of the pie to contemplating what to do when a man is staring at his lowest point. With a refreshing style that can be related to by anyone of any circumstance or calling, K.Vincent uses rap as a way to reach the souls and hearts of street hustlers, killers, 9 to 5 workers, bosses, students and beyond.
I really like this guy and what he represents with his music. I think he has great potential to be great in the game if he continues to grind like all emcees should. Nice chill track with a meaning! Dopeshit! I'll be on the lookout for more of K.Vincent, you should be too! Enjoy!

You can find more of K.Vincent on:

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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