Discovery of the Day: Crystal Castles.

I love randomly finding out about really dope artists and bands, it's my cup of sweet tea! Anyways, I was on a favorite blog of mine and saw this track by this band, Crystal Castles,  featuring Robert Smith of The Cure. It's a really dope song. Reminded me of The Killers-who I love! Anywho, I google them right and listen to some of their other tracks-sounded nothing like the track with Robert Smith! lol

Crystal Castles includes vocalist, Alice Glass and producer, Ethan Kath of Toronto. They've been a band since 2004 and dropped two (pretty much) self titled albums. The best way I can describe listening to their music and watching their videos is that it's like being on a complete acid trip but you're completely sober. It's like orderly chaos! And I just love it! They have chilled out tracks that make you feel like you're high too. But all in all, their music is what makes people say "Music is my drug of choice." Really dope band, so you def should check them out people!

Here's some of their work:
Crystal Castles ft.Robert Smith-Not In Love
as seen on

Baptism off of their album, Crystal Castles II

Celestica off their album, Crystal Castles II

For more Crystal Castles, check out:

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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