Final Thought.

Miami's very own up and coming emcee, Ghostwridah, took it upon himself to make an anthem for the NBA's Miami Heat! With their triple threat all stars, it's only right that they get a dope song for the season! I'm sure Jay-Z would have done a song for LeBron but he mad LeBron didn't go to the Nets. =( poor Hov. ANYWHO, Ghostwridah did an amazing job, always does. His latest EP, In Love With My Future, is dope and it's out! Cop that! Follow him on Twitter at @Ghostwridah!Word to everyone in Miami!!! Enjoy!!!

...not really into basketball. But football? Hellzzzz yezzzz! PATRIOTS BABY!!!! Dope track though, love it!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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