WANTED: Blog Submissions!

Got dope music? Got dope art? Got dope clothing? Well, I got a dope blog and I want to blog about your dopeness!!! Send me you dopeshit! I really don't like going to other blogs and posting whatever their posting because then I'm just doing the same thing I hate. All my favorite blogs post the same shit nowadays. There's too much music, art, and fashion out there for all the blogs to be posting on the same few people all the time. Might as well come together and make one big blog and call it a day. But I wouldn't join that anyways.

You can keep sending your work to the same big names blogs 24/7 365 but I bet they barely check the email addresses you send them to. Unlike them, I'm actually checking for the people no one knows about and want to help make them household names. Just ask some of the artists I post about! And don't think no one will ever discover you even if I blogged about you. You would be surprised how many people read my blog and who those people are! ;-)

So music artists, artists, producers, video directors, models, fashion labels,dancers, and all other dope people on the come up, trying to get themselves out there, email me some info on you, some links for the people to check you out and some of your work and I will def check it out and possibly blog about it on here. 

Send blog submissions to Es@TheGirlTheyCallEs.com!!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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