Discovery of the Day: Jessie J.

Got another dope artist for you guys to check out! My sister, Erica, hit me up about this amazing and bad ass singer, Jessie J! She's British, lives in LA (I think), and shits on a lot of  mainstream female artists right now. Her music uplifts you in various ways. Whether it's a nice inspirational ballad or upbeat hype track, after listening to it, you'll better. And maybe a little crunk. I'll just speak for myself. Anywho, she's dope! I love her look and her voice and her lyrics. Thank you sis for letting me know about her! Check out her debut single, Do It Like A Dude, which in Erica's words, "'Do It Like A Dude' shits & stains on Ciara's "like a boy"

For more Jessie J, check her out on:

p.s.Erica wanted to let yall know she knows good music besides Bilal and Erykah Badu. lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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