Discovery Of The Day: Rich Kid Sound System.

There's too much dope talent out in the world to only be blogging about the same artists all the time, so I'm always on the hunt for some new shit to vibe to. In my hunt today, I discovered the band, Rich Kid Sound System. Their music is def for the young and wild! Perfect music to blast on your way to do some crazy shit with your friends for the night. Makes me think of the social life that I don't have. lol With live instruments, rock like vocals, and fun rap verses, RKSS's music can get any party started and put you in the right mood. Sounds kinda 80's to me, which I love. If you like Moxie Black and Travis McCoy's music, you'll def like these guys.Their song, Little Bit Of Time, made it's rounds on the blogs. I somehow missed that. lol They have a new track out which I actually like more than the other track. Either way, Rich Kid Sound System is dope. Their EP, No Cheers for Pioneers, is on the way!!!

For more on the RKSS, check out:
Discovered on Pigeons & Planes.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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