I don't think people understand how dope this record is and how much of geniuses Rich Hil and Boo Bonic are. Not only did they sample one of my favorite bands EVER, Evanescence, but I think people just hear music sometimes and forget to listen to the lyrics and understand them and the story being told. Limos represents something that is not really represented (and if it is, not in the right way) and are the voices for people who don't have a voice in the world of music. It's more than weed, girls, and depression. You don't have to have any of those three things and can still relate the music. Don't underestimate the artistry of Limos. 

Living Is Musically OutrageouS.
p.s.this is not me "hyping" Limos up or anything, I'm just saying how I feel. They are not the only artists I speak about like this, ask anyone who knows me.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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