Fuck You Pay Me.

Ok, so I randomly thought of Kevin McCall today and decided to look for him on the web. So many of you probably think he's just the other rapper that was on Deuces besides Tyga but did you know that he sings and produces? Yes! He's more of a singer than a rapper! But I listened to some of his R&B tracks and they were okay. I'm not the biggest R&B fan to begin with, but dude can sing. I prefer him rapping by far! His rap shit is ill! Like this track I'm posting! So I just felt like I needed to share this with you guys! Very talented dude, I hope people start to notice him besides from his verse on Deuces, which is my favorite verse on the whole song by the way. I can recite the whole thing. Enjoy!!!
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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