...I've been busy-I mean lazy. =/

I have NOT been doing a good job. You don't even have to tell me. I know, I know, my blog use to be the shit! I need to step it up seriously! Like I need to get back to blogging Essi style. I felt like my blog was becoming a haven for me to rant about shit I didn't like, so I stopped the Theories of Es posts. Then I felt like it was becoming like other blogs, so I stopped a lot of my mainstream type posts. Then I felt like I was not able to be how I wanted to be on my own blog, so I went from blogging like 5 to 6 posts a day to like 5 or 6 a week. But with the new year coming, I'm bringing the Es you all know and love back. Fuck conforming and doing things how people want me to do it.

IT'S MY BLOG! I'm bring back mixtape/album reviews, Theory Of Es posts, and I will try my absolute best to blog as often as possible. Also, in the new year, I hope to do a couple of interviews, attend more shows, drop at least two mixtapes, and whatever else I can think of that's dope. I'm thankful for my homie and certified dopeboy, @Superweird0, for blogging alongside me and bringing yall some dopeshit that I obviously missed! All things TGTCE will involve Super too and he's got some dope things up his sleeve so don't sleep on the homie! I hope to work with artists more through my blog too. Working on a major mixtape with the Tree Party and already planning out for No Shade, The 2nd Summer. So, I know I can be doper than I am right now and because of the people, I will be. Thank you for your continuous love and support and for putting up for my fuckery. I love you with every cell that I am made out of. I do this for you.

End of the yr episode of dopegirlEsTV coming soon...

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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