OMG An Actual Freestyle.

Pac. Nas. Wu Tang. Early Jay. Tribe.I ain't forget.
These the cats that made hiphop special to me. I remember comin up seein cats ACTUALLY live that hiphop shxt.I think its dope that Lil B gettin money. Ross rappin bout coke. 50still talkin gun talk.. I listen to all those cats too. BUT i droppd this freestyle cuz i still respect where hiphop came from.No paper or pens. No meditation lol jus hopped on the mic and went in. An ACTUAL freestyle. Lets not forget the shxt that created what we have today.
-brandUn DeShay
Isn't it ashame that it's rare to hear an actually freestyle from rappers nowadays. It's actually quite annoying to hear a so called "freestyle" from a rapper and then this old track of theirs leaks and it's the same damn verse that they... "freestyled". I can remember rap verses and recite later on too, that doesn't mean I'm freestyling, nonetheless rapping. I appreciate this track from brandUn, dopeshit. Enjoy people, we don't get these often.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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