Proposition 19 the Mixtape.

Es is at it again!!! I'm ready to drop another mixtape! And this time, I want to drop a mixtape that actually makes an impact. So with my obsession with drug culture and all the stoner music I listen because let's face it, the majority of Hip Hop now a days is stoner music, I came up with the concept of a mixtape for all the stoners getting high for a cause and for all the non-smokers who support the cause. This time I'm teaming up with The Tree Party to not only give you dope music but to raise awareness and support for the legalization of marijuana. The Tree Party, SuperWeirdo, and myself are going to bring you the dopest stoner x political mixtape EVER! Probably the first of that kind actually. lol Now before all you amazing artists start asking me where you can submit tracks, here's a message from The Tree Party by my homegirl, Amy Herrera!

  The legalization of marijuana has been on the California ballot twice, and has been voted down twice.  There are smokers and lames on both sides of the fence happy that it failed to past election. Licensed medical marijuana growers wanted it to pass because it will help their businesses grow, thus helping the economy.  Legislators put it on the ballot because they are in desperate need for money to close the $7 trillion deficit... And the smokers of America wanted it, because California could benchmark legalization for every other state in the union.  On the other side, we already know why the lame-o's don't want it to pass, but there are a lot of smokers un-happy with the legislation in the bill. 
  The bill would have made it illegal for anyone under 21 to possess, with a 3 year prison bid for anyone under 21 in possession... It also limits personal possession to an ounce.  All this is much stricter than the legislation they have in place now... Which is why smokers wanted it voted down to be re-written.  Californians are also hoping that the federal government will legalize, because it almost means nothing if it is legal in California, because citizens can still be prosecuted by the federal government for "legal" activities. 
  As America seeks further into economic decline, the president is seriously considering legalization as a form of tax revenue.... 2012 is our next shot, but it shouldn't be just on the California ballot, it should be a national issue.  It's only been outlawed since the 1930's, and only because Hearst made magazines out of wood paper instead of hemp paper.  It's time that America get out from under white male corporate oppression.

With that said, we are now accepting tracks related to the subject matter at hand! No, your song does not have to be extra political-but that would be a plus! It's a mixtape, it's entertainment, so we want dope ass stoner music on this mixtape! We're looking at a 2011 release, so send any tracks you feel would be good for this mixtape now and you also have time to get inspired by the cause and record some fresh dopeshit for us! Space is limited, so let me know if you want to be on this mixtape asap!!!

Send all track submissions to!!!
Any questions that you may have, hit up Es on Twitter at, @thegirlEs!

p.s. as for the picture, all I gotta say is, "Put a nice suit on and got some marijuana!"-Baracka Flacka Flame

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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