FKi-Zoolandish EP
ATL's very own, FKi, drop their highly anticipated EP today!!! Honestly, out of the countless music releases today, this was one that I was really looking forward to! With features from Travis Porter, Mickey Factz, Aleon Craft and more, you guys def need to show some love and download!!! This 'tape def has a more mellow vibe compared to their previous release, Blue Steel 2.0, but it def still ill! Download it now!!! ATL Stand up!!!

01. We In There [Prod. Spinz & FKi]
02. Time Of Yo Life (ft. Strap of Travis Porter) [Prod. FKi]
03. Callin All Girls (ft. Ricky Fontaine) [Prod. FKi]
04. Tungmartialarts [Prod. Beezr & FKi]
05. Peep My Chi (Young Lyxx ft. Differenter) [Prod. Chance Mack]
06. Dolo (ft. Travis Porter) [Prod. FKi]
07. Red Cup [Prod. FKi & Hollywood J]
08. Toxic (She Got Me) (ft. Yael Naim)
09. 20 (ft. Aleon Craft) [Prod. FKi]
10. @*#$! Kickin It (ft. Young Lyxx)
11. X-Man [Prod. FKi]
12. @*#$! We Do [Prod. Spinz]
13. Smash Mouth [Prod. DJ Megan Fox]
14. Touch A Star (ft. Quez of Travis Porter) [Prod. FKi]
15. I Need A Pound
16. Gold Road (ft. Mickey Factz & Alexis Glenn) [Prod. Fabe]
17. Weed & Arizonas (Ft. Ricky Fontaine) [Prod. Chase N Cashe]
18. Hero

For more FKi,
Follow them on Twitter at @FKiMusic
And check out fkimusic.bandcamp.com!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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