House Of Dreams.

Houston rapper Hollywood FLOSS is back with his new LP House of Dreams.  I wanted to make an album that would capture my dreams, goals, fears, and insecurities! Each song represents a human emotion we all go through told by me. The song changeups that you hear are the randomness that occurs when your dreaming... It is reported that we have 100's of dreams a night, so i wanted to express that through song changeups and moodswings throughout the album... Welcome To House of Dreams!
If you don't download any other project from any other artist this week, please... PLEASE cop my homie, Hollywood FLOSS's, album! I was lucky enough to get a copy of it at A3C this year from him and I listened to it driving home that night-AMAZING! It's such a great album from him and I just love it! If you want some really dope music and support dope talent, download this album! It's now available for free download and is still on iTunes! Get this in your hard drives NOW!!! Enjoy people!!!

Follow him on Twitter at @HollywoodFLOSS!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Unknown said…
this is a dope project

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