Bubba Kush.

I'm going to write this like a tumblr post. If you're on tumblr, this will seem familiar to you.

That awkward moment when you discover a rapper that's like 10x doper than your favorite rapper.
This was my reaction when Cali emcee, Dumbfoundead, starting rapping in this video. Seeing the title Bubba Kush, I thought it was gonna be your typical weed loving song-WRONG! He's not even smoking in the video. This guy is illlll!!! He's not talking about the same ol topics most of our favorite rappers are and is witty as well. It's cause of artists like him, I stray away from posting on mainstream artists. There's so many artists out there that are completely shitting on the artists we see on big blogs and TV everyday. He has a mixtape out with DJ Zo titled, Cut & Paste, and it's better ill first song in. So def check that out! But yea, press play and see what mean! Dopeshit!

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'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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