Before yall start with me and start saying, "Es, why you don't post Rich Hil on the blog anymore?" If you people READ and pay attention, I already said (about a million times) that MOST RH things will be posted on HRL. I created HRL, remember? Yea so hush that fuss. Anywho, I'm gonna post a few things and for the rest, you can go on HRL for it. Shout out to SuperWeird0 for constantly keeping it updated btw!

(Above)Rich has dropped the 2nd act to the oh so epic mixtape series, Limosa Nostra. The journey continues and this act is a lot more chilled out that Act.I. Also it was mostly recorded after he was released from rehab and was recorded in 3 days. So if you think think Rich takes down the same roads as he did in Act.I, think again. I like the mixtape, probably one of my favorite mixtape series. Act.III will drop on 2/1, so look out for that.

Hil has also released an album he recorded back in 2008 titled, The Black Limo. So for those who are especially fans of his earlier work, you might want to download this asap! Features songs like If U Ain't Know, Came Here For Somethin, and Satan On My Side. Shout out to him for giving us a free album! lol

And here's his latest singles!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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