TheGirlTheyCallEs Presents... the Top 20 Mixtapes of 2010.

This is the last week of the year 2010. What a year musically 2010 was been.  We had good, bad, and just plain ol never-should-have-been-recorded type shit out. But being the mixtape junkie that I am, I decided to pick my favorite 20 mixtapes of the past year. Yes, I posted all of these mixtapes and yes I went back through my blog to pick them out. I've listened (and posted) to way more mixtapes than just 20 but these are the mixtapes that left a lasting impression on me and pretty much live on my iPod. Not asking anyone to agree with me, I'm just letting it be known which mixtapes were really dope to ME that dropped on 2010. Let's go!

LaVish's In My Lifetime- I've grown to truly love and admire LaVish and his grind in this industry. Whenever he drops a song or project, I'm on it cause I feel like witnessing history in the making with this guy and it's amazinf to see his growth musically. This mixtape was so Hip Hop in the best way! Feel good production, clever lyricism, and overall chill vibe. And I like when I listened to an artist's mixtape or album and you can clearly tell where they're from. The mixtape is so Cali, love it!!! I'm excited to see more from him in 2011!
Favorite tracks: Xplosive,  Coming From The..., and Venting 

Cashtro Crosby's Crosbyification- After listening to Crosbyification once, I officially declared myself a Cashtro Crosby fan for life! This 'tape goes innnn!!! If you STILL ain't up on some Cashtro, you are seriously slippin'. I bump this in my car loud as f*ck! Perfect 'tape for anyone trying to figure who the hell Cashtro is cause the 'tape speaks for itself for real. His next mixtape, Rasta Monsta, is on the way too!
Favorite tracks: Hypno Nympho, Story Of My Life, Kings of Cashtro, and Polo Hats, No Tats

Big Wayde's Herb 'N Limelight- I think I only listened to like one track from Wayde before hearing this mixtape and I will admit, my jaw dropped at how dope the 'tape was. And I believe it came out around the same time as Wiz Khalifa's Kush & Orange Juice and from a few people who were able to listen to both 'tapes, they prefered Herb 'N Limelight, so did I. The mixtape is just overall smooth as hell and the things Wayde is talking about is easy to relate to. I feel like Big Wayde is refreshing reminder of classic Hip Hop in the 90's. He needs more appreciation from the people. Recently, he re-released HNL with DJ Ill Will along with other. Also includes some bonus tracks! GNS bitch!
Favorite tracks: Party & Bullshit, Clap Your Hands, Sky High, and Road To Success

Moxie Black's How Did This Happen?- I FREAKIN' LOVE MOXIE BLACK!!! I grew up on Hip Hop (of the 90's) and techno music and I feel like Moxie Black personifies my childhood musically! Production, melodies, lyrics, vibes-I mean they just know what the f*ck they are doing! Their sound embodies the dopeness of past decades and presents to us in the most refreshing and just brand new way! This free LP is my shit! It gets me in such a dance mood and just a happy mood! I can't wait for their next project. No like seriously, I need another EP or something from them NOW! 0_0
Favorite tracks: Risky Business, Broke Me Down, and Space Odyssey

Kandid McFly's The Opening Act- First track I heard from Kandid McFly was Strung Out and I must say I fell in love. You know how some emcees struggle with like making a good hook or have a good melody in their sounds? Kandid has mastered that! I think I know the hook to every song on this mixtape! The music he makes, anyone can fell in love with it instantly! I was playing some tracks of his for my sister in the car recently, 5 minutes later, she's singing the song! True story! And I think everyone in their own way is or was an opening act in their life. Like I can totally relate to this whole mixtape and I feel like he's another voice in teh music world for those who are just trying to make it, period! I think this 'tape is f*ckin' classic! Everyone needs some Kandid McFly in their lives.
Favorite tracks: Strung Out, People Say, Lil' Bit Richer, and Hoopty

Rich Hil's Limosa Nostra Act. 1- I actually did a review on this mixtape so here's a snippet from the review (yes, I'm being lazy. lol): The blend of dark and "go hard" songs like Bad and light and high, songs, like The Most Beautiful Song, is well done and amazing. Rich is really taking us through a journey and so far the ride is amazing. You are really put in another world and another time while listening to Limosa Nostra. It is truly incredible the imagery and vibes Rich can create and he does it so naturally! That's why I have a never ending respect for Rich and his music ...when I get "high" off it. Like after listening to this, I just wanna keep going on the journey. I wanna keep reading the story! This is amazing work. Like when he drops all the acts of Limosa Nostra, someone needs to make it a movie. Real talk. This shit is epic.
Favorite tracks: The Most Beautiful Song, Front Or The Weed, Midnight Request Line, and Maybe All Our Highs Are Low

Rockie Fresh's The Otherside- I only knew Rockie Fresh from a few songs he did with some other artists. Never really heard anything solo from him until this mixtape but apparently he had a mixtape before this one. Gotta look for it. Anywho, I like this guy and his music! From this mixtape, I can tell that he has very good musically taste and doesn't want to put out any kind of music of his that could be considered bullshit. This mixtape was extremely well done. Am I a fan for life yet? No, not yet but I'm like pretty effin' close to it! I respect his work ethnic and this amazing mixtape! We need more Rockie... Rockie. lol
Favorite tracks: The Worth, Living, As Far As You Let Me, Too Far, and Time

Rob Roy's King Warrior Magician Lover- I also did a review for this mixtape, snippet here: It's like Stankonia with hints of Yhe Love Below but with a some squeezed lemon on top. My descriptions of music tends to throw people off but that's the only way I can describe it right now. lol But you can tell his music is inspired and not influenced by other great artists cause he still very much has his own sound and style. And his voice, omg I love it! It brings me so much joy! A lot of artists and especially rappers are getting heat for their voices lately, but I love Rob's voice. I could listen to him all day ...and I have.
Still playing this mixtape as if it dropped yesterday. Rob Roy is the truth.
Favorite tracks: King Warrior Magician Lover, Rollercoaster Baby, and Velvet Rope Blue

Howard Flozstello's High Kicks & Side Chicks- Awww shit! My nigga, Howard Flozstello, dropped a dope mixtape on yall ass!!! If you are a self-proclaimed stoner, this mixtape needs to be in your hard drive asap! If you just want some really chill, clever, dope music, this should be in your hard drive as well! Play this on a sunny Sunday afternoon, with some sweet tea on the side (and a blunt, joint, doobie, whatever floats your boat) ? I promise, it's heaven! High Kicks & Side Chicks > Kush & Orange Juice-and you can run and tell that! And I just love Flozstello's voice! I'm weird like that! Great mood music for everyone! Love it!
Favorite tracks: Global Shit, High Karate, and White Clouds x Blue Dreams

Boo Bonic's Transylvania- Guys, seriously. I'ma need for everyone to stop sleeping on my homie, Boo Bonic. Bonic is the truth, this should be a known fact! When this 'tape dropped, I'm looking at my friend like Katt Williams saying, "This shit right here nigga? This shit right hereee nigga?". He got on some of the hottest beats out at the time and murdered it! He is is flow is just f*ckin' epic. I love Boo Bonic and he went in on this mixtape. 'Nuff said.
Favorite tracks: I'ma Be, Rain On Me, and Lil G's

Dom Kennedy's From The Westside, With Love- Dom shitted on a lot of niggas with this mixtape in such a smooth way. Future Street/ Drug Sounds was nice but this mixtape is dope as hell. It's very classic too. I feel like years from now, people will still refer back to this mixtape as some of Dom's best work. Again, it's very Cali, which I appreciate. I'm still in love with this mixtape.
Favorite tracks: In Memory Of, 1997, Play On, and Long Way Home

G-Scott's Everything or Nothing- Heard a few tracks from G-Scott here and there but this EP made me a fan for life!!! This guy is good at what he does and can kill different styles of music which many emcees fail at. I'm excited for future projects from him and hopefully he gets more recognition from the people because he deserves. And oh, this EP was just a taste of a bigger project he'll be dropping this year.
Favorite tracks: Outta Here, The Realness, and Other Girls

Casey Veggies' Sleeping In Class- We all waited for this to drop for a very long time and I must say, it was worth the fucking wait. Through this mixtape, I truly have love and respect for Casey and his team and they all inspire me. Casey shut every hater up and gave every supporter what they wanted and needed with this 'tape! He is gonna be fucking legendary! Lyrically, production wise, vibe wise-it's just overall epic! Love it!
Favorite tracks: DTA, 30,000, Get Through, and Ridin Roun Town

Reese's Reese Vs The World- Why does everyone hate Reese? I fuckin' love this dude! He dropped a mixtape before this one but I never got around to listening to it. But I love this mixtape! He's truly reppin' for the ATL and is showing people that the A is still bringing dope emcees into the game. He stays true to who he  is... even if everyone is hating on him. Had this 'tape on repeat for a while, shit is illy.
Favorite tracks: My Mentality, Candy Lady, and Day In The Life

JoJo's Can't Take That Away From Me- Despite all of the label drama, JoJo managed to give her fans a dope ass mixtape with amazing production and her beautiful voice and lyrics. I'm not really into R&B mixtapes, but when I saw JoJo dropped one, I just had to download it. Glad I did.
Favorite tracks:All I Want Is Everything, In The Dark, and Running On Empty

Rich Hil's Limosa Nostra: The Prelude- This is one of my favorite mixtapes from Rich. "One of...", what am I talking about? This is my favorite mixtape from him. Yea, I think it beats Lost Limos II. Anywho, he really did his thing on this mixtape and it was only a prelude to Limosa Nostra Act I. The production was just magical and the songs were very heartfelt. I listen to this 'tape when I feel like floating and drifting off to another world. Mixtapes like this is why I remain a Rich Hil supporter.
Favorite Tracks: Baby Love, Love Me Good, Daydream, and Legalize It

Curt@!n$'s Killer- With all the freestyles he dropped leading up to the release of this mixtape, I was just to anxious  for it drop! DopeboyC showed that he can kill (no pun intended) any style of music. I mean from N.E.R.D, to Cee-Lo, to Adele-he murdered it. I guess we'll leave the cleaning up of the murder scene to the haters. Dope mixtape!
Favorite tracks: Bodies freestyle, Rolling In The Deep freestyle, and God Bless freestyle

Asher Roth's Seared Foie Gras with Quince & Cranberry- Before this, I hated Asher. Like I liked him when he first came out and then he made those foolish comments (remember that?). I went to a concert of his and Cudi's and left before his set. But when I heard of this mixtape, I gave him a second chance. Second chances are golden! Love this 'tape! Witty lyrics, dope production, and the title of the mixtape? Doesn't get any doper people! Let's just say, Asher is no longer on my shit list.
Favorite Tracks: Muddy Swim Trunks, Toni Braxton, Hot Wangs, and Sour Patch Kids rmx

Curren$y's Smokee Robinson- Confession: this is the first Curren$y mixtape I ever downloaded. 0_0 I mean I been told yall I was late on the Curren$y Is Dope train. What a great start to my Curren$y collection though! Smokee Robinson made me a fan of his forever. Ski Beatz is the truth and word to Don Cannon. Also, Curren$y is a great performer. Saw him at the first ever Famous Factory show in NYC this past May.
Favorite Tracks: Jordan 3'sInvincible Jets, Lemon Kush, and Monte Carlo Music

Telephoned's Off The Hook- Never heard of the group before I saw this mixtape (or EP) on some blog. It looked interesting, so I downloaded it. I freakin love this! Maggie has a dope voice and her covering all this radio hits is just too dope! I want an album from them asap! Perfect party music! All DJ's need this 'tape.
Favorite Tracks: Breakfast, Smoke Rings, and Million Dollar Bill

Well that's it! Honorable mention is (of course) my No Shade! Thank you to everyone who downloaded it and enjoyed it! No Shade the 2nd Summer will be even bigger and doper! Can't wait for all the dope mixtapes of 2011! No wack shit please! Stay dope!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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