My sister said I had to post this or she would revoke my Nigerian passport and that can't happen cause I've been craving Yogo (Nigerian yogurt dopeness!) for the past 6 years now. But either way, if I found this, I would have posted it ASAP! The hottest African artist out right now (or EVER!!!), D'Banj, linked up with Uncle Snoop for the remix to his dope single, Endowed! Fyi, my parents LOVE Snoop Dogg and I never really knew why... now I know. Can't no one tell me Snoop is not Nigerian now! lol Totally inviting him to the next Nigerian party my family has. Besides all the dopeness of them just knowing each other, the song is beyond dope!!! I fuckin' love being Nigerian!!! NIGERIANS ARE THE BEST!!! Enjoy jare!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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