Kickin' It.

Kick'n It from Maria Simone on Vimeo.

Here's a new video from ATL emcee duo, EarthGang!!! I had the pleasure of seeing them perform last year at the A3C fest anddddd I got the CD they were passing out. Let's just say I played that CD driving to and from A3C the whole weekend. Love it! I really like this track and it's featuring Jidd! Because I am wide awake and feel silly, I'm gonna tell you this short little story about Jidd.

I totally went to high school with this dude right? Right. Stephenson High-Go Jaguars. Anywho, I had like Algebra with him in like 9th grade (idk what grade exactly) and people often (till this day) make fun of my last name. Fuck what a hater says, my last name is dope! lol So "Jidd" is a very, very funny person and he came up with the best mispronunciation of my last name. The last name is Famojure and it's Nigerian. Dude calls me "Fillmanjaro" like that mountain in Africa. I laughed so hard that till this day I remember him saying that. So watching this video and all of sudden seeing him I was like "I KNOW HIM!" The world is small. Atlanta is even smaller.

Back to EarthGang though, dope song and video-loved the little elementary school part! New material from them dropping on the 8th-stay tuned! Enjoy!

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'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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