All American Indulgence.

"Whoa!" was my initial reaction when I heard my first Tedy song. This CT emcee and producer is something else! He's like a wild rapping beast on the loose! I just love it! First off, anyone who raps or sings and produces has a special place in Essi's heart! *sigh* But this guy, is just off the wall in the most epic way! He reminds me of Ol' Dirty Bastard (RIP) or a happier version of Kendrick Lamar. I love Kendrick, but he seems quite angry to me sometimes =/. Anywho, Tedy is definitely worth a listen! Especially this album of his. I love the storytelling and the witty lyrics. This guy is gold if put in the right hands and if timing is right. I will say that some people while listening to him the first time will be like "Whatttt theeee fuckkkk???" But part of liking something is appreciating it. Just the fact that it's on some "other shit" should get you on the road to fucking with Tedy and his music. Unique music is rare nowadays people. It's hard times for those are who staying true to themselves and the kind of music they want to present to the world.  So click the link, press play, experience something new. And as always-EN-FREAKIN-JOY!!!
Thanks Tedy for sharing your music with us! Truly appreciate and I def have my eyes x ears on you! ;-D
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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