Bill Murray.

Canadian Hip Hop group, Sweatshop Union, has released their third project titled, Bill Murray. The EP is described as "a runaway mushroom trip through the inner and outer cosmos." I'm about to give yall one of unique descriptions of their sound. They definitely remind me of Linkin Park with out the singer, just with the rapper guy. So they (to me) seem like a fusion of Linkin Park, 90's Hip Hop, and mixed with crushed stars of the universe.  Production wise, it is def like cosmic and kinda trippy. Lyrically, they are spitting some serious reality of how the world is (especially pertaining to the the youth) and the industry. Which I can really appreciate. Not many artists are able to spit something that actually means something and at the same time gives us a dope and unique sound. I try my best to present my readers something different from what is forced in their face by hype of the mainstream industry. So with that said, if you are looking for something different to fuck with, cop this EP. I definitely think that alot of you can enjoy this and appreciate it. I'm glad Sweatshop Union is letting us know that there is more to Canada than Drake and Justin Bieber when is comes to music.Listen x buy! Enjoy people! 

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