Outside The Lines.

Got this dope EP sent my way by a NY band, Smokey Robotic! I love their style and sound! They remind of my Portland homies, Moxie Black. It's a big salad of Jazz, Hip Hop, and electro techo party type music-shit, I love it! This 7 track EP is dope as hell and youe should def check it out! I was just on Twitter talking about how I don't buy music anymore but umm... I might have to make an exception! =/ Yea, I like this EP THAT much!

01. Outside The Lines (Uptown)
02. Forever My Love (Single Mix)
03. Voices
04. Redzone
05. Most Beautiful
06. Who Wants To Get Rich
07. Give It All Away

For more Smokey Robotic, check out:

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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