Repost: Proposition 19 the Mixtape.

photo of my Tree Party shirt, Jetson swag!
Alright people, one of your favorite holidays is on the way, and no I'm not talking about St.Patrick's Day. I'm talking about National Stoner's Day bka 420! I know that a lot of you are already saving up to cop pound after pound of some good ol Mary Jane but what do you need besides her on 420? So good music to roll up to! Also, the pro-marijuana community is still fighting for the legalization of marijuana. So myself and the good people of the Tree Party are teaming up to drop a mixtape for the awareness of legalizing marijuana and in celebration of 420!

Now you guys know how I do my mixtapes, I like variety. So I'm calling ALL MUSIC ARTISTS if you have a song for the stoners or supporting the legalization of marijuana, please SEND ALL TRACK SUBMISSIONS TO ASAP!!!

The deadline for all track submissions is 4/10 because we are trying to hit a 420 release! So send your tracks in now!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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