The moment you've all been waiting for-or at least the moment I've been waiting! ATL emcee, Daddy Nino, has dropped his highly anticipated mixtape, #UETLTODRJ!!! Guys, this mixtape... -I'm typeless (computer version of speechless). If you are into all types of music, this mixtape is for you! Kid Calloway, you were right, I love all 22 tracks on this 'tape. This is so amazing I just wanna cry and hit that dougie at the same time. This is such a beautiful beginning for so many amazing and glorious things for Nino. Guys, I cosign this mixtape heavy! If you don't listen x download anything else on this blog ever, please download this mixtape. Just do it for me so I can sleep good tonight! You love me right? Ok, love you too but download this asap! 

Daddy Nino, you are such an inspiration and genius in every way possible. I personally thank God for giving you the talent to create such wonderful audio art to bless the rest of the world with. Your music is moving, uplifting, dope, ill, and classic. I will be playing Daddy Nino for my grandchildren. You are the future, know that. Own that.

And a BIG x special shout out to Kid Calloway for introducing me to Daddy Nino to begin with! You sir, are the shit and I appreciate that. I'll see you on top! I'm so happy for you guys, your hard work is paying off! Celebrate this moment!
I'm just inspired as hell right now. Excuse the excitement and poetic like post. lmao
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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