The BG EP.

Finally! ATL's own, BG, drops her anticipated EP, The BG EP! This is some real ATL nigga shit and I love it! BG went in on this! If yall aren't on her and her music, better download this EP and get familiar! Features include FLYTASTIK, Trendz, TL, Kidd ReA, and production from SMKA, Shawn Hosea, Organized Nozie and more! This EP was very well done and you can tell she put a lot of time in this! This is a dope, solid EP! Fuck everyone who says the ATL doesn't have any dope rappers! They're here, you just ain't looking in the right places! This is only the beginning people, more from BG is on the way! Don't sleep!

1.404 (produced by Organized Noize)

2.In My Younger Days (produced by SMKA)
3.#BitchWassup ft. FLYTASTiK (produced by Shawn Hosea)
4.Hi(gh) Life Pt. 1 ft. Trendz (produced by AFTA-1)
5.Hi(gh) Life Pt. 2 (produced by Hi-res)
6.Withstand (produced by devonwho)
7.Hard Times ft. TL (produced by Kajmere Royale)
8.High To This (produced by Shawn Hosea)
9.Chillin' (produced by Michael Uzowuru)
10.Beautiful Music ft. Kidd ReA (snippet)
11.Showtime ft. Illa J (produced by J Dilla)
12.BG for President ft. J. Cole (produced by J. Cole) [BONUS]
13.Posse Cut (produced by Introspective Minds) [BONUS]
14.'91 Hemp
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'Always More, Never Less'-Es 


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