Bun B x Lupe Fiasco speak at Rice U in Houston.

Bun B and Lupe Fiasco, along with others, were on a panel at Rice University in Houston. The name of the panel was, Religion & Hip Hop. In this particular clip, Bun B and Lupe debate with a school teacher about rappers as "role models" and how their music indirectly parents children.

This argument is nothing new. And I absolutely hate this argument because the impact that something has on a person is not gonna have the same impact on the next person. Whether it's music, poverty, health issues, etc. Many people know I can't stand Oprah and one of the main reasons that I don't like her because she had at least two shows (if I remember correctly) about this very argument along with other "issues" she had with Rap/Hip Hop. She had like 9 ppl against Hip Hop and then only like Russell Simmons, Common, and some Hip Hop historian for Hip Hop. So when I saw this clip, I was like "THANK YOU BASED GOD!" Lol But I think Bun B's whole part just shut down all parental haters of Hip Hop! And Lupe really just buried it with his part! Thank God they did this and I wish I was at that panel because this video only gives me so much LIFE!

I think Hip Hop is a beautiful thing, I grew up on it, I still live it, and I'm good. I honestly think that listening to Rap and Hip Hop helped me become the strong black women that I am today. But for other girls, it might f*ck them up. It's all relative people. But yea, I definitely needed this on my blog. I love you Bun B and Lupe Fiasco! Forever and always! Enjoy people!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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