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Well you know that guy that's always rapping on the hit comedy show, Community?  Yea Donald Glover? Well apparently, he raps like for real, for real! And he goes by the name Childish Gambino! And I must say, dude is a BEAST!!! He's totally like the awkward nerdy guy in your class that only you know he can like seriously rap and is dope! Omg, yall can't tell me there's never been a guy in your class like that!!! Lol

Anywho, with this particular track, I love how he brings so much raw energy to this nice and simple beat! It blends together so well! And lyrically, he's got something! I'm def gonna check out some more music from him but from this song alone, I can tell he could kill a couple of rap careers if rappers don't watch themselves. Dude is raw, love it!!! Enjoy people! ...I don't even think Will Smith can top something like this. Lol

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