I Can't Hear You/Back & Forth.

The one and only, Boo Bonic, drops some visuals from his upcoming mixtape, Transylvania 2, which drops tomorrow!!! Love the Grizzly Bear sample in the first track! As for the second track-FINALLY!!! I need a full video for Back & Forth! Pleaseeeee!!! I don't care what anyone has to say right now, but Back & Forth is my sh*t and I still love it and know about 99% of the words! Swag them out! Man, I wish they did more of the song! I'm having flashbacks-Enjoy the video! Word to Limos!

And oh, Bonic, if I see you with that CREAM fitted in Soho, I'm going to snatch it off your head and run! I'm just warning you homie! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


ET-JK-JP said…
do u have the mp3 to any of those songs.
Es said…
I Can't Hear You mp3 is available on Transylvania 2 and Back & Forth is available on The Curious Case of Boo Bonic!

check out his twitter for links to those 'tapes, twitter.com/boobonic!

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