I got a few things to tell you...

I'm gonna try to keep this short and cute cause yall know I could sit here and type till my last breathe. *inhales... exhales* I got some things I feel like yall should know about, so yea.
  • Upcoming mixtapes: As many of you know, I am currently working on two mixtapes. The most important one right now is Propostion 19 with the Tree Party. I need a lot more submissions for this 'tape! Yes, we are looking for some "break it down, roll it up" stoner type songs but we would also (really) love to have some political songs as well. So even if you don't smoke weed, you got something to say about how the country is and what we can do to make it better in a dope musical way, send a track on in to us! Speaking of "us", I am not the only one reviewing the submissions. There are some top notch legit ass music heads reviewing them with us. So send us your dopest tracks! Send in track submissions to me at es@thegirltheycalles.com!!! Also, I am accepting tracks for No Shade, The Second Summer, but more on that later.
  • The Now Playing... section: So as you can already see, I wiped out the original Now Playing section. Before it had the mixtapes I put together but now, the section will feature recent releases from artists. Two of the three mixtapes I put out last year, Mediafire (bitch ass) deleted them for whatever reason. I will upload those mixtapes and future one to datpiff.com so they will always be available for download.But mainly releases that I am actually "now playing" and artists I support a lot will be in the section. I say this all the time, this blog is not for me, it's for the artists and the people! The artists run this blog. So if you want to be on the Now Playing section, drop a really amazing, dope mixtape/EP/album and let me know about it. Don't ask to be in the section, that will totally make me want to do the exact opposite. Just let me fall in love with your music and have the need to share it with others, feel me?
  • Interviews: I wanna start doing interview this summer!!! By God's grace, I'll be in NYC most of the summer and hopefully I can get a better camera too. At first, I'll be asking artists I'm interested in for interviews. I get a lot of requests to do interviews with artists that I'm not really familiar with, which is really odd to me. I want to interview people so that I can actually ask them real questions besides shit like "So who is [insert artist name]?". Then the artist gives you this weird elaborate response and shit.  -_- I have a few artists in mind already. Making my list, checking it twice. But yea, I'm gonna attempt the interview thing. I'm a blogger right?
  • Blog submissions: This is general but always feel free to send blog submissions to me! About 99% of my blog now is based off the submissions I receive. No reason going to another blog to blog about the same shit. So please please PLEASE send me blog submissions! Put my email on your emailing list and all that! Swag me out! Also, I'm so serious about EMAILING me your blog submissions. I will more than likely NOT post something if it is tweeted to me. Why? Cause it will get lost in all my other @replies and I'll forget. Plus, it not really proper industry etiquette. Email is the best way to inform me of your dopeness.
  • If you have any questions, comments, or concerns-hit me up via twitter, email, or formspring!!!
Thank you to everyone who checks out the blog and shows me love! I do this for you! Much love!

Now back to our irregularly scheduled program...

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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