New short film/music video from Smokey Robotic!!! They took a trip to Mexico and brought us back this masterpiece! I want yall to see the despriction though,:
While Pier Pictures was in LA filming Forever My Love, Seer, Father Dude and Lucas McGowen were in Mexico being resurrected. Jungle juice, madness and graveyards. Mexican-brick-steady-cams, fire and outlaw surfers.
As they flew back to New York, Lucas' hard drive was glowing, Seer's wound was scarring and Father Dude's invisible phone was dialed. Vicious as candy wolves, the three returned to bring the world this film.
I like it. I will admit I was like "Ok, we're 3 minutes into the video, where's the music?" Lol But I'm just an impatient person sometimes. Other than that, the song is dope! I like the chilled back vibe of it and Smokey Robotic is just amazing! They make some really good music! Enjoy!

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