Dreams Money Can Buy.

I know I try to stray away from mainstream posts on here, but if you've been following my blog for these past two years, you would know that I have a special place in my heart for my Canadian bacon, Drake. Like at his "peak", I was not feeling him. I was actually quite annoyed and sick of him. Thank Me Later was good but So Far Gone was better and Comeback Season is still my sh*t. Plus, I never liked him with Young Money to be frank. 

Now all of a sudden, we get this jewel of a track from him that is all over my laptop screen! I avoided listening to it at first, but I just had to give in. This track reminds me of the Drizzy I first fell in love with and wanted back so badly! First off, production is amazing! Please tell me 40 did it, pleaseee!!!! And even though his flow is the same and lyrics are influenced by his new found fame, well it's not too new now, you can hear the growth he is making as an artist. I appreciate growth and the fact that Drake is still trying to re-invent himself has an artist. So far, so good. Take Care, his next album, will be interesting. Enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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