No Shade... the 2nd Summer.

It's that time again!!!! It's summer time and you know what that means... NO SHADE THE MIXTAPE SERIES IS BACK!!!! Yes, Es is at it again and this time, we're doing it bigger than ever! This time, I'm teaming up with fellow blogs, and to bring you the hottest music of the summer! And you know we're all about the up and coming, so in order to make this year's No Shade bigger and doper, we need YOU!!!
Artists, I know I've been telling you about No Shade for a while now and some of you were mad you didn't get on last's year 'tape but here is you chance to give the people something amazing for the summer! No rules, no holding back, no particular subject matter-just give us dope music! You can send in as many tracks as you want, the more the better!

Follow directions carefully and correctly:
  • Please address the email to,, and! Don't have to send three different emails, just put our three emails in the address box.
  • For the SUBJECT/TITLE of the email, please put: No Shade Track Submission!!! You do not want your track submission to get mixed up with our regular blog emails or your track submission looked over.
Like I said, send in as many tracks as you want! Tell your fellow artists about it! Music fans, tell your favorite artists about it! Together, we can drop the dopest, biggest, and hottest mixtape this summer!!!

Can't wait to hear the submissions!!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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