Distinguished Reject.

Peep the new EP from Phil The Thrill!!! I listened to the EP straight, all the way through and I have to say it's pretty freakin' solid! Lyrically, I was not wow'd but just the overall sound of each track was dope.  I will say that on some tracks, I could hear the beat louder than I could hear Phil, so I could barely catch what he was saying. Not sure if that was done on purpose, but I just noticed it. I love the songs he chose beats from. Let's me know he has dope taste in music. I also think the release of this EP was perfect timing. It's great summer music. Although there are only 8 tracks, they are 8 dope tracks to add to your ultimate summer playlist. Dope sh*t Phil! Keep it up! Enjoy people!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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