Don't Call It a Comeback

Art by Fafi
No like seriously, it's not a comeback-technically. I've always been here but then there... then here again. But I always end up back here, on my blog. Like I said millions of times before, I started this blog out of pure boredom and also as a way to document my journey into the entertainment industry. Obviously, that's not what my blog is about anymore. I took a long hard look at myself and realized, I'm not that interesting (yet) to have a whole blog about me and my life. So I made it about you. The artists, the producers, and the hundreds of fellow music heads out there. I made it about quality and not quantity even quantity isn't always bad. But I do have to admit, Es has be falling off when it comes to the blog. I would like to sincerely apologize for that. I could do better and I have done better. Most of all, I WILL do better.

I'm bring back the Es you all love (or hate but who is you, hater.)! From Theories Of Es posts to Throwback of Es posts, to mixtape reviews to vlogs. I'm bringing it all back. And you know what's my secret weapon in all of this? I GOT MY OWN FUCKIN LAPTOP!!!!  I've been trying to cuss less but I just had to say it like that. After all these years of relying on school computers, outdated desktop computers, my mom's laptop-I have my own. I feel like a real blogger now. Lol So yea, I have unlimited computer access now, so this blog will be more active.

Also, as you may know from my twitter and tumblr, I'm in New York City for the summer. I have an internship and a job out here. I literally work every single day. It's crazy but I love it. NYC is a great place... period. For discovering new things, meeting dope people, going to swagged out events. So I will be going places and doing sh*t and hopefully I can get my camera to work with me and not act retarded and document my adventures. I just love NYC and the summer has been great thus far.

So, The Girl They Call Es will be undergoing some changes. I'm changing this tired ass layout because everyone and their mama got this on their blog! Re doing pages and stuff. Working on getting a logo (pray for me on this yall!) and other things. This blog use to be the sh*t! I want to change that "use to be" to "is". It's not a comeback, we're just shaking things up... again! lol

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