In Other News... Other Exciting News!!!!

I got a damn logo, people! And guess who did it?! ME!!! Swag chop swag woo...swag me out, I deserve it. I thought I was going to pay some graphic designer stacks to do one for me! With the left side of my sister's brain, she told me how I could do it myself! This is from scratch and I don't even have Photoshop! And if you want to hate and be like, "That sh*t LOOKS like she did it herself!", you're a smart cookie. I wanted it to look like my 7 year old niece drew it for me. Not sure if you noticed but I also changed the layout to the blog. I want to make this blog literally look like I hand-write every post and everything is DIY. It's dope, cute and totally Es. So yea, you need my logo, I got one for you. Swag me out.

It's Not A Blog, It's A Movement... Le Femme Flaneur.
People, get your blogrolls ready. Open up your bookmarks folder. I got a brand new site for you that will soon be your favorite site! My sister, Erica and her bff Laurabeth-call them E & LB actually, got a new site up! It's called Le Femme Flaneur!  This site is dope on dope on dope! You'll see amazing photos, amazing writing, and everything else you ever wanted from a site! These are two fly young women on a journey! Taking the lovely City of New York and presenting it to the world like never before! This isn't a blog, it's so much more! So check out their intros now and stay tuned. I promise you'll be on this site like everyday!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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