Inside The Mind Of MeLo-X.

Here's a new min-doc from Brooklyn's own.. genius, MeLo-X! This gives you some footage of his first show back in Brooklyn after his tour over seas and releasing his mixtape, Inside The Mind Of MeLo. Check the video out. In other news, I went to the Sartorial Sounds show by! A full review on that is coming soon cause I gotta edit the video and get the photos. But I will say this, I fell in love with MeLo-X. Like I knew of him for a long time but never really listened to his mixtapes or anything. He made me an instant supporter with his set! He's just amazing. I love him! And he performed his remix to Maxwell's Bad Habits, I almost like flipped out when the beat dropped! Too amazing for me to handle! The video for that after the cut!

MeLo-X Bad Habits remix

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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