Machine Gun Kelly, Live @ Skullys

To be completely honest, about 10 minutes ago, I had no knowledge of Cleveland emcee, Machine Gun Kelly or any of his music. Let alone that he's signed. Is he or no? Again, I just learned about dude. Got this above video in my inbox and decided to watch it. I don't even know where the venue, Skullys is so I'm going to be an ass and assume Ohio. So I'm watching the video right? This place is packed! Like this show probably sold out or very close to it. Then I'm watch dude like, "Well this isn't anything new to you! Aren't you a pro?!" Which brings me to the conclusion that he has been in the game and performing for quite some time. I now realize how late I am on this Machine Gun Kelly guy.

Musically in the video above, I didn't hear anything that wow'd me or just made me jump up and down on my bed screaming "SWAG!". So to Youtube I went. I watched like 4 other videos of him and his songs, nothing moved me until I got to his Chip Off The Block joint. He beast'd on that track. Not even because he was rapping fast but lyrically, he was ill. On that track. He reminds me Soulja Boy if he was from the North and could actually rap. Which I like and don't like at the same time. I don't know. I'm just really trying to get into dude's music and it's not moving me yet. We'll see though, MGK has promise. Keep sending me emails.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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