Man Down.

Here's Rihanna's latest video, Man Down, off her LOUD album. I know the video has been out but since I was bitchin' about Rihanna having to do a video for this song (even literally tweeting her twice! lol), I felt since she did I had to post it. People are saying the video is "controversial" for whatever reason. But I feel like people just want to find something in Rihanna to bitch about. The video was well done and well thought out. There have been videos out there that are 100x more graphic and controversial. They didn't even literally show the cruel act that happens to her in the video. I also commend her for doing this and being through what she has been through, it took a lot of strength to do this video. I like the video and I love the song. Press play suckas!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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