Scott Bailey Vs The World.

Indiana's own, G-Scott, teamed up with DJ Benzi and Willy Joy for his highly anticipated mixtape, Scott Bailey Vs The World! For anyone who may have doubted G-Scott before or didn't really feel him at first, listen to this mixtape! This 'tape is a prime example of growth from an artist! You can tell he put a lot of time into this project and I truly appreciate that. This is a solid collection of music for any Hip Hop head to enjoy. The title of the mixtape was perfect and this mixtape just made sense!

As a supporter and friend, I am truly proud and happy for G-Scott and this mixtape! Your hard work paid off and all that bullshit was worth it, cause the mixtape is dope! I can NOT wait to hear the next mixtape from you and see even more growth and perfection from you. So to everyone else, support a young emcee on the come up whose putting work in to give you some dope ass music! Click the damn link and enjoy!
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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