Trust Issues.

Drake. Just drop the damn album. ANOTHER new "leak" from Drizzy. His second album, Take Care, is on the way. Clearly this is like the screwed, R&B version of I'm On One. At least the first part of the song. Obviously I like the track enough to post it but I'm so on and off when it comes to Drake. Sometimes I'll hear a track from him and be like,"Oh sh*t! That's my nigga! He's killing it! AWWWWWWW SNAP CRACKLE POP NIGGA!" And then other times I'm like,"Really Drake? Really? Miss me with this sh*t." I think overall, I like Drake singing more than I like him rapping. I am seeing no growth from him as an emcee so I really only like him singing. I kinda think there's some kinda of regression rather than progression when it comes to him as an emcee. Before he was Aubrey Graham from Degrassi who just so happened to rap. Now he is Drake. Thee Drizzy Drake Rogers. Like he's a big deal. So maybe he feels like he doesn't have to grow as an artist. I don't know. Don't really care. I just hope this upcoming album will be better than the last. New Drake every, I would say enjoy and click the link but you probably already did.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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