Her Room.

Here's a new video from Teyana Taylor for her remix to Drake's Marvin's Room, titled Her Room. Who cares who's room it is anyways! Anywho, I want to use this post/opportunity to answer a question I get asked often. The people ask me, "Es, why do you hate Teyana Taylor?" Answer: I don't hate the girl, I just don't like her right now. Reason being because she should have BEEN on top and running the female Hip Hop AND R&B side of the game. I've been following this chick since 06. Found out about her a little before her Skateboard 16 aired. I was like her number one supporter. It's 2011 and all we have gotten from her is a lackluster mixtape, background vocals on KanYe's album and this remix. Homegirl should have been on her second album by now at least. Time is precious and as an artist, I wish Teyana used her's a little bit wiser. Hopefully she's in the studio working on an actual album of her own and not background vocals for Watch The Throne.

About this remix. My sister played it on repeat when it first came out. But because of my dislike for TT, I tried not to even listen to it properly. Plus I was just annoyed by the millions of remixes of this song to begin with. After watching the video, I will say, vocally and emotionally, she murdered it. Her acting in the video was a bit dramatic. Could have done without it. But her voice in this remix was perfect and I could feel that the emotion behind her voice was genuine. Final verdict, Teyana may have outdone her homie Drake on his own track. He should just say Marvin's Room was a demo for Teyana and keep it moving. I'm done, enjoy.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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