Watch The Throne tracklist.

The official tracklist for KanYe West x Jay-Z's album, Watch The Throne is out. I looked at the tracklist and it made me even more anxious to hear this album. From the leaks that I have heard, which apparently are now bonus tracks (lame!), this could sound like a clusterfuck. A little in me is scared about this album cause Hov is involved and I'm still mad at him for the fuckery titled Blueprint 3. Then I remember, KanYe is a part of this too! Maybe this will actually be some classic sh*t! We'll see. Still tryna figure out if I wanna buy this or go the ethug route and wait for the leak. Again, we'll see. Official tracklsit beloooowwww!

1. No Church in The Wild (Feat. Frank Ocean)
2. Lift Off (Feat. Beyoncé)
3. Niggas in Paris
4. Otis (Feat. Otis Redding)
5. Gotta Have It
6. New Day
7. Prime Time
8. Who Gon Stop Me
9. Murder to Excellence
10. Welcome to The Jungle
11. Sweet Baby Jesus (Feat. Frank Ocean)
12. Love You So (Feat. Mr Hudson)

Frank Ocean on two tracks, plus Mr. Hudson and Beyonce? This album can't be wack! ...Right? Damn. Once again, we'll see.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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