Fashion Foward: PEER*D Clothing.

Got a dope clothing line to show yall! Atlanta based brand, PEER*D Clothing & Apparel is all about being an individual, creativity, and keeping it funky! The name PEER*D means Perfectly Weird and their logo is a black sheep which represents the elements of the brand. After only two years of being in business, the brand has been worn by Short Dawg of Young Money, Teyana Taylor, K. Briscoe, and R. City. They have t-shirts, tanks, and crewnecks for both the fellas and the ladies.
I really like what PEER*D is doing and their vision. The brand is totally my style, so I def gotta cop some Perfectly Weird threads for myself. Their products are simple yet make a statement, sometimes literally! Lol I feel like everyone can incorporate PEER*D into their own personal style. PEER*D is Essi approved!

To check out more of PEER*D Clothing & Apparel, peep:

More photos of PEER*D products after the cut!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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