Frank Ocean x The Fader.

The love of my (music) life, Frank Ocean gets his first magazine cover on one of the dopest publications ever, The Fader! This is a good fucking look! And this cover is just giving me so much life! From the panda mask/hat to the flowers in his hands to his FACE! What a gorgeous face, "sweet baby Jesus"! I think I'm gonna get a poster of this cover. Yup, I'ma do it! 

From The Fader:
It’s also the time for our Fall Fashion issue, which is more jam packed than ever before. On one cover we’ve got Frank Ocean, who has recently become more ubiquitous than he probably ever imagined. From his heartfelt mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra to his two—TWO!—appearances on Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch The Throne, the man is (deservedly) everywhere.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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