No One Believes Me.

Dope new video from the Man on The Moon, Kid Cudi! It's for a new song of his titled, No One Believes Me. Not sure if this is his way of "leaking" new music-but if it is, kudos to Cudi for the innovation! MOTM III is not due until next fall and the short film for Manic (MOTM II) is dropping this Halloween. Not exactly sure if this song will be on his next album but it sure is a dope treat to hold us over until the short film drops. Just when I thought I was getting sick of the vampire theme, Cudi comes out with this video which was done so well! Groupie side note: Cudi looked gorgeous! He could bite me any day! Anywho, the video just tied into the concept of the song so well. This video is beyond dope! Love it!

Update: This song/video is on the soundtrack for the movie, Fright Night. So it probably won't be on his upcoming album. Still dope though.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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