Toronto's own, The Weeknd, dropped a brand new mixtape for the people titled, Thursday! Isn't it your favorite day of the week?! Lol. Well I thought I was late on this release but apparently it just dropped, so for once I'm not late! So as we download this bundle of dopeness (hopefully), we are left with questions. Will this  mixtape top House Of Balloons? Will it be about the so ol late night parties and the morning aftermath like the last project? Is he really on Frank Ocean's level? Oh yes, you know you are wondering the same thang homie! So I'm downloading this and so should you! Either way, it's a great "pick me up" after Watch The Throne. BOW! Cover art is fye though!

Tracklist bitches!
1.Lonely Star
2.Life Of The Party
4.The Zone
5.The Birds Part One
6.the Birds Part Two
8.Rolling Stone
9.Heaven Or Las Vegas

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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