Be Revolutionary: Baby E.

New interview with VA artist, Baby E! Revolutionary Media sat down with him and discussed his single, Coogi Kong, his start in music, artists he would like to work with in the future and more. I really liked Coogi Kong when it first came out and I was curious to hear more from him. So I checked out his SoundCloud profile. 

Baby E is what the industry is missing. He appeals to both the mainstream and underground. Everyone is really into artists who can do more than just sing or rap, Baby E does all of that more. And he does it well. I like that you can't really put him in a box even if you tried. It's rare to find artists who are unique like this, so I suggest that when one is presented to you, you better get familiar. With that said, here's a really dope artist, and his name is Baby E. Enjoy.

Check out Baby E's  Coogi Kong
(I could have sworn I posted this but i guess I didn't smh lol)
For more Baby E, check out:!/iBabyE

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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