College over EVERYTHING!

Hey people. Es here. You're probably wondering why I haven't posted anything in a few days. It's not because I have nothing dope to post. It's cause I have three (well now two. I just took one) tests to study for. Oh, and an essay outline that is due. Because I want to graduate and have a successful career in the future, these tests and essays take priority over everything. And everything unfortunately includes, blogging. And sleep. 

Yes, I know it sucks. I've been fighting blogging urges all week. And sleep urges. I promise by Tuesday, we'll be back to business. At least until the next set of tests come around. Support a young girl trying to get her education and be patient. Artists, still send me your dopeness. It will be posted, well if it's dope it will be. Readers, if you miss my craziness, I'm still tweeting on my Twitter, so be sure to follow me. New music, videos, and reviews will all resume on Tuesday. Thank you for understanding, back to this accounting shit.

Sidenote: When you go to Google Images and google "college students studying", trust no damn college student is THAT excited to study. Not one! When would I have time to smile anyways, I'm studying!!! -_-
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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