HELP: A Blogger in search of a Photographer!

Are you an aspiring photographer? Do you love all things dope? Do you like going to events and meeting all kinds of amazing people? But no really, can you take some really dope photos? Well I need YOU!

Here over at, we (more like just me) are looking for an amazing aspiring photographer with amazing skills to capture the best in music, fashion, street art and more! If chosen, you will be the head of photography at TGTCE and you will follow me on every dope adventure I have! I want to start doing interviews with people, cover major concerts and events, and just have some dope photography on the site! Plus this will be a great opportunity for any photographer on the come up because the site is growing bigger and bigger every year and it's something to put on the resume, if you know what I'm saying! ;-D

+Head of Photography at
+Will attend concerts and other events with Es.
+Will be present during interviews and take exclusive photos of artists and other interviewees.
+Will be able to post their own original work on the site.
+Will have a personal ad/link to promote personal photography services on the site.
+This is more of a partnership and the beginning of a team. This is not a paying job. I am broke myself. Lol
+Will get to hang out with the dopest girl of the underground. (I just had to add that. Lmao!)

Requirements (yes, we got some requirements):
+You need to actually be pursuing a career in photography and not just someone with a camera.
+Must be 18+ (for event reason. Essi loves the youth though. Keep ya head up youngin'!)
+Must be in the Metro Atlanta area. 
+Must be able to provide prior work. I just want to see your skills!

I all about those on the come up, for I am on the come up myself. Let's work together and take over the blogosphere! 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email at, with your name, age, location, link to your work or you can attach some of your work to the email, and anything else you would like for me to know!!!

I hope be able to pick a photographer by the end of the month, cause the A3C festival is the first week of October and this will be the first event we work on together!

Hope to hear from you talented photographers soon!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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